Koi Carp Square.jpg

Taking inspiration from Emily’s sisters travels around Asia, this print uses hand drawn Koi Carps to evoke the feeling of traditional Japanese woodblocks. Printed onto 100% Silk Twill, Koi Carp brings a sense of luxury and sophistication.


Spitalfields Floral Square.jpg

Spitalfields Floral is inspired by the drawings of 18th century silk weavers from East London. Using a sumptuous colour palette with bright pops of colour, this bold floral brings a contemporary feel to a traditional style of pattern.



Painted using watercolour and felt tip, Kilburn Floral is the dainty sister of Spitalfields Floral. With a pretty but sophisticated colour palette designed to suit all, Kilburn will guarantee you compliments.


A Day at the Zoo Square.jpg

Inspired by a trip to London Zoo, ‘A Day at the Zoo’ features Lemurs, Cockatoos, the Resplendent Quetzal and a cheeky Monkey. Rich and exotic these water-coloured animals are irresistible.


Emily Jane Taylor Large Floral Print 2 Half Drop 4 Green Ground for web.jpg
Emily Jane Taylor Large Floral Print Repeat 2 Half Drop 4 Grey Colourway for web.jpg

Taking inspiration from the wildflowers of the American West, Meadowlands print is hand sketched and painted using vibrant colours to create two beautiful colourways.



Emily Jane Taylor Prairie Animals for Web.jpg

A bartending rabbit, a sheriff mouse, a prairie dog couple and a drunk skunk are just a few of the critters depicted in this whimsical print. Hand sketched and water coloured, Prairie Critters is a print designed to make you smile.



Emily Jane Taylor Prairie Flowers Tobacco 2 copy for Web.jpg
Emily Jane Taylor Prarie Flowers Grey Pink Filter 9% 45cm for web.jpg

Reminiscent of sunsets over the cracked prairie earth, Savanna print comes in two rich colour pallets. Hand sketched and penned, the print brings warmth and depth to the beautiful silks and crepes it is printed onto.


Denim Print for Website.jpg

Western Skies is inspired by the cowboy days of the great plains and the adornments cowboys would make into their garments, sat around the campfire looking at the stars. Digitally designed to have the appearance of embroidered denim this print brings a beautiful texture to the silk garments it is printed onto.